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Swimming & Diving Video Directory ~
Due to a technical glitch that I won't bore everyone with, Meet Videos from 2015-16 and earlier
are no longer showing up on the individual picture pages. Rather than recreate and republish all of
those pages I have instead accumulated all of our videos over the years and catalogued them all here
by season. Another benefit of these videos being published with the new protocol is that they're
viewable on a phone or tablet while before they were not.

There were no Videos for 2013-14 and 2014-15 but all other seasons are listed here, back to 2009,
the first year we had any video on the site.

Just click on any season listed above to go to a page that contains all of that year's videos.

Before you do that though, here are some pointers for a better viewing experience ~

On each Video, in the lower right corner there is a square box. Clicking on that box will enlarge the
video to "Full Screen" size.

Even better, you can also go the "YouTube" page on your computer and access my page. Type in
"paul dietzel" and then click on my icon which is a blue circle or square with a capitol "P" in the
middle. From there click "VIDEOS" and you can look at a list of every video I've ever published.
There are more than 500 of my videos there not only of Clearfield Swimming but also Lady
Bison Sports and Bison Football .

And . . . If you have a Smart TV you can go onto the YouTube page and watch them on there and
they're lots better on an HD TV than on the best computer monitor. Too, with a Smartphone or
tablet you can "cast" them to the Smart TV, but that's just kind of an extra step.

One funny thing about YouTube videos is that they get better with age as though their software
keeps working and improving them as time goes by and I'm not going to argue about it. Beats me.
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